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Need assistance or have general questions? Let's hop on a call to get clarity about your concerns. All calls are free.

***Please note that Attorney Curtis needs to approve your consultation request before it will be scheduled

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After you book please check your email for confirmation of the appointment from Attorney Curtis or an email from her regarding the request.***

areas of practice

Car accidents are kind of my thing! Whether your accident is big or small, I can help answer any questions you have about the process and I will do it in a way that you can understand.

Car Accidents

Workers' Compensation claims

Injured at work? I can help. Getting injured at work is not fun, and the thought of having to miss work and a paycheck is really stressful. I can answer any questions you might have about your workers' compensation claim and how the law works in Minnesota when you are injured on the job.

Slip and Fall cases

Some of the worst injuries I have seen in my career have been those of people who have fallen on ice, a cracked sidewalk, or a wet spot in a grocery store. Cases against a property owner can be some of the hardest cases to prove and are even harder to get an insurance company to pay for. I will listen to your story and the facts of your case and give you my honest opinion about whether or not I believe your claim will be successful. 

Dog Bite injuries

I am a huge animal lover but I have represented many kids and adults who have permanent scarring or are disfigured because they were bit by a dog. When this happens you can usually bring a claim for compensation through the dog owner's homeowners insurance. I have negotiated many successful settlements for victims of dog bites and can do the same for you.

Civil Rights cases

Civil rights cases are often emotional and complex. If your rights have been violated by the police or government and this has caused you pain and suffering, I can help you get the compensation you deserve. 

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